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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The holidays are quickly approaching but, yet you don't have a lot to spend. Join a lot of others out there. The economy stinks so, what can you do to make your Christmas special but, without spending a ton of money?

Well, first of all, you need to remember it's not about how much you spend it's the thought that counts. A lot of us seem to forget that. It's more fun to do things for people that don't expect a lot than the ones that do.

Back to savings. What can you do?

1. Shop Consignment stores and online stores. You will be surprised to find new a lot of the time. It doesn't matter where it comes from. Here's one of my favorites. Bella's Consignments, Bella Grande
2. Make some baked goods. People always love baked items or you can buy them. Here are a few of my favorites online. Sweetest Revenge, Colies Creation
3. Look online for coupons and coupon codes before buying.
4. Just because black Friday is over doesn't mean people aren't offering them still. Be patient.
5. Some stores still offer layaway so, look around. Layaway is a great option for not overspending.
6. Some places like CVS offer spend $30.00 and get a $10.00 gift card. You can do it up to 5 times in one week. I love CVS! Lots of great buys there to on Make-up, Perfume/Cologne and so much more.
7. Shop dollar stores like Family Dollar. You can find a lot of great deals for a low price.
8. Shop on ebay! Talk about saving...ebay also offers ebucks you can earn while spending, You apply the amt towards a purchase once they are issued. I earned over $20.00 once from doing that.
9. Look for sales that you can apply coupons to.
10. Back to ebay, you can buy coupons off ebay to save also.
11. A lot of people are selling homemade items on Facebook. Here are a few from my business group.
Little M's Accessories , Crafty Creations by Teri , Fashioneisha Headbands, Anna's Crocheted Creations, Little Pumpkin Love , Chircos Baby Boutique, Pie Bug Bowtique,Regina Sober Tupperware Lady Michigan ,PartyLite by BeckyB, WicksnCandlesticks LLC. These are just a few of my favorites. I have purchased from some to. :D I love their stuff. Great gift ideas and unique.

So, hopefully you enjoyed my saving ideas. Of course hand making a gift is very meaningful, so don't be afraid to make a gift from the heart.

Happy Holiday! ~Holly


  1. A great list of ideas and suggestions for saving money. You are right that it is possible to give well and cheerfully without breaking the bank.

    We will sometimes give the gift of time to older relatives, something that they want or need done, but they just won't ask us to do. It is always appreciated.

  2. Great idea Kim! :D I wish more people would realize it is not about what you spend, it's about the thought you put into it.


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