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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Creating those special memories for your wedding, is something every bride should put a little time into.  How can you do that?

I will share that with you but, first...let me share my wedding day with you. 


I will never forget my wedding day. The anticipation of walking down the isle...will I take his breath away?? Will he take my breath away?? I hope I don't trip, (or at least, that was what I was thinking). No really, it is truly the best moment ever...walking down that isle. As My Dad and I walked through the doors, the first thing I noticed was...all of the people ( I was a little overwhelmed ). I automatically looked down, I then heard my Dad say, "you're alright baby girl as he tapped my hand softly." I think he was just as nervous as I was. He tapped my hand all the way down the Isle. I looked up and made eye contact with Brian (my fiance). At that moment, everything seemed OK and I knew...this was truly the best decision I have ever made.♥ I was in love. ♥ We exchanged our vows and became man and wife. All of that hard work (planning the wedding) seemed like nothing, after that moment. It was one of the best days of my life, next to having my girls.


Now most of you know now, I am a Mark. Representative. I absolutely love what I do...on top of my eBay store called Forever A Teen. I wanted to put something together for all of those ladies out there, that may need a little help (putting themselves together) for their wedding day.  Maybe you are not someone that wears a lot of make up (then go light) or maybe you are someone that is crazy about make up. Here is what I have to offer you for that special day. 

OK Ladies you can go basic with this beautiful set above or add a little more & customize it yourself below. ♥

Visit My Mark Boutique above or this link to customize : MARK.MY.FaShIoN boutique 
I wish Mark was around back when I had my wedding...I was clueless.

If I had to choose a Wedding Day Look, it would be eye popping...soft and natural look. I think making the eyes pop, is the first thing you should work on, as your fiance will be looking into them, then a little blush and one of our hookup lip glosses. You will look Gorgeous!


Have you thought about decorations? What will you use? I have a friends site, you will love! She even offers Floor Decals with your names on them. Let me share her page with you.

WicksnCandlesticks LLC


You can also visit her Facebook page. WicksnCandlesticks LLC , she is very easy to work with.
You'll love her!

What they offer: We sell gift baskets, candles, favors, wedding dance floor decals, wedding getaway car decals, wedding card boxes, vinyl wedding aisle runners, candle favors, wedding invitations, bath and body, and more! Visit her now! You will be glad you did.


So, you are on your way to the airport, what do you wear? We are coming out with this super cute dress. Perfect for after the reception.  I'll post below. 

I LOVE IT! This collection will be available February 24th. 
Shop my boutique! You'll love it!
MARK.MY.FaShIoN boutique



One of my favorite places in the world is...Italy. I have always had this dream I would go there. Some day it will happen! But, now for your honeymoon or a special place to get married, why not consider Italy.
It's romantic and Beautiful...I have another site, you should check out. It's located in Salerno, Italy.
They will help you to make memories in Italy!

 What is their facebook fan page is called?  Italy Bride And Groom  Check it out! You will love the beautiful pictures. Here is a link to their actual website: Italy Bride And Groom Website .

I hope that you LOOK and FEEL Beautiful & Confident on your SpECiAL Day! 
Contact me at: with any questions. I would be more than happy to help.
Don't forget to visit My Mark.Boutique for the special Mark products listed above.


  1. Hey ... thanks for the email - here I am :) And your wedding story is lovely :) Stopping in from the hop today … would love a follow via Google+ and GFC … BTW … I could really use some answers to my post today – if you have the time please stop by and comment  thanks!

  2. So sorry I missed this. I will stop by today for sure. :D Make sure you visit my Mark. boutique above, I just added. Super cute stuff in it! I LOVE IT! Also, if you are interested, you can buy $20 worth of make up for only $100 and you get a free beauty bonus. contact me at for more info. I promise... no crazy catches. It's an awesome offer. I signed up just for the make up and ofcourse decided to add it to my business but, you could do it just for the make up and discount. It's totally worth it! xx


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